THC Vaping Controversy—What we now know

Given the serious nature of the recent vaping related illnesses and deaths throughout the county, it is perfectly reasonable for us to be asking ourselves, is vaping THC a healthy delivery system for my medication?  What steps should I be taking to protect myself? The fact that people are thinking about these things is incredibly important in terms of understanding the need for a regulated, licensed market. A regulated market works to ensure that companies are distributing products that are safe for consumers.

It has become clear that a lot of the recent illnesses and deaths don’t share much in the way of commonality, however, there are a few key elements that are common among the reports. First, the vapes were purchased “on the street” from non-regulated sources. Further, the vapes contained Vitamin E acetate. And most or all of the vapes contained nicotine, or were “e-cigarettes.” Some of the vapes were infused with THC, however. None of our products from Think Higher Concentrates contain any of these ingredients.

Concentrated forms of THC and CBD are becoming increasingly popular. Regardless of the process used to extract the THC, or CBD from the plant, anything that isn’t eliminated in the extraction process, becomes concentrated in the final result. Thus, people manufacturing concentrated THC/CBD products have to ensure that they aren’t concentrating harmful pesticides, chemicals molds, and/or bacteria in their products. This is particularly important in oils that are heated up and smoked, as that is released directly in to your lungs.

The big take away from this is to make sure that you are purchasing these types of products from reputable sources. If you see a particular brand at a dispensary, for example, it is likely that those are products that are safe. Further, Weedmaps has a verification process for their products, and I believe that Leafly is heading that way as well.

However, in general, THC vapes are safe, if they are coming from a reputable source (i.e., dispensary, licensed caregiver/retailer). They are a discrete, controlled medication delivery system that work for a lot of people, regardless of where you come down on the full spectrum v. distillate debate. At Soylent Greens, we have a great selection of CO2 extraction THC vapes from Think Higher Concentrates in our line-up. We are looking to add full spectrum vapes in the near future to our menu for those who feel they benefit more from the whole plant oils.

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