Who We Are

Soylent Greens exists as it is today due to strong beliefs in the medical applications of marijuana as a God given plant. The therapeutic applications of medical cannabis as it relates to both psychological and physcial ailments are what drive us to do the work we do! Therefore, you are not just getting a premium product, you are supporting a good cause! We thank you in advance for your contributions!

First Timers

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Deliveries are conducted from the passenger window of the vehicle
  • Must present a valid ID to driver
  • Cash Only
Steps For Delivery
  1. Place your order
  2. Soylent Greens will text you the drivers ETA
  3. Driver will text you when they arrive
  4. Walk up to the passenger side window to accept delivery
  5. Present your ID to the Driver
  6. Driver will confirm that your ID is valid and return your ID
  7. Present your contribution to the driver
  8. Driver will provide you the medication
  9. Your delivery is complete