May 1st, 2019

Updated 10/11/19

Hello Everyone. My name is Michael, and I am the primary staff person Soylent Greens, as many of you already know! I wanted to take the opportunity on this initial blog post to briefly introduce myself and discuss some of the ideals I carry that led to this as a career path for me.

First, and on a personal note, I am also a medical cannabis program participant and licensed caregiver in Maine. Prior to opening Soylent Greens, I had spent most of my working life in the social services field. I used to provide direct support to people with developmental disabilities and liked it so much that I became a manager and clinician in the field. I have always like to help others, and see my new career as an extension of largely the same ideals.

I think that at this point in time, it is absolutely undeniable that marijuana is a medication, and millions of people across the US (and globe) benefit from its use as such. Personally, I use it as a medication, and it helps me daily with any potential anxiety, depressed thoughts and other difficulties with which I have struggled in the past on my journey to avoid abusing alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic and medical cannabis helps me stay on a healthy path! This is #mytruth.

Further, it would appear that rule changes made recently in Maine’s adult-use medical program would indicate that, Mainers believe in the proliferation of the Medical Marijuana Program in Maine as much as I do! Soylent Greens believes in the proliferation of access to extremely effective medications to Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program participants, as well as visiting qualifying patients (see links below). The consumer will find that we support adult access to Maine’s Medical Marijuana program in any way that we can.

Soylent Greens likes to support other ME companies! For example, we order our Green-T’s and koozies (sweatshirts to come in the fall) from the wonderful people @mycustomswag. We also refer folks looking to obtain medical certifications who don’t currently have a card to local Maine practitioners. The service we provide at Soylent Greens, we believe, sets us apart from others when it comes to the products we provide and frictionless service from beginning to end. We are a premium medication delivery service in the greater Portland area, but service York, Cumberland and parts of Androscoggin Counties as well. And it goes without saying that, all our products are grown and produced here in Maine as well!!! We source our products from local licensed growers. 

Personally, I love talking about Medical Cannabis, the marked difference in quality of product you see coming from individual caregivers as well as the benefits you might receive from being a MMMP patient if you aren’t already certified, so please feel free to call the Soylent Greens phone number at 207-332-3964, or email me at to talk about it! We offer amazing products and stand by their quality. Some of the other things I love to do and talk about are listed below.

Mikey Likes It!


Friends of mine consider me a “nerd” for my love of this sport, but I absolutely have a passion for playing and growing the sport of disc golf. I am still learning and growing in the sport myself and am amazed at the level of interest and sense of community you find in Maine’s thriving disc golf scene! I am an amateur and my PDGA number is 104337. I am going to make it my mission to attend more local tournaments this year, so I can improve my game! Some of my favorite local courses include Bittersweet Ridge Disc Golf in North Yarmouth, Dragan Field in Auburn, Pleasant Hill Disc Golf in Scarborough and Woodland Valley Disc Golf in Limerick. Maine is an amazing place to live and work!


I love both playing live music and attending shows. I am a drummer and have been influenced by drummers like Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Neil Peart, (more recently) Kris Meyers and other greats. I am also in a band with my brother and soon to be sister-in-law. We are @nomadicgrooves. My favorite bands to go see are largely in the jam band scene. I love Umphrey’s McGee, Tauk, STS9, JRAD and many, many more…

#myfavoritehashtags: IG handle is @soylentgreensme

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Maine Medical Marijuana Program Links: from the homepage, you can find all the information you may need about the medical marijuana program in Maine. Further, you can go to frequently asked questions for answers to any nuanced questions, links to forms and any information you might need. If you find you can’t find what you’re looking for call or email Soylent Greens.

Link for Obtaining a med card: you don’t have to go to your doctor to get a certification recommendation, in fact you don’t have to leave the couch if you don’t want to. There are a couple of different services out there doing this, but these folks are fellow Mainers.

Mike’s Interesting Cannabis Blog Links:Here’s one I saw this and felt it was thought provoking.