Local Company Delivers Med Cards Too

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Local Company Delivers Med Cards Too

It couldn’t clearer from the existing rules both under the Maine Medical Marijuana (should say cannabis) Program as well as the approved Adult Use Rec program rules, that Recreational Cannabis deliveries don’t exist as protected activity—in other words, they are illegal. That is 100% why we don’t engage in them. If you want/benefit from deliveries, and regularly use cannabis, you should definitely obtain a med card. Due to the removal of the need for a qualifying condition and the benefits of telemedicine, we now have the ability to help facilitate the process for patients to obtain med certifications and renewals during a portion of our business hours.

If you don’t want to get a med card, or opt not to due to a career/job, or some personal situation that’s a choice the individual is making, just as it’s our choice to follow the rules. Although some delivery firms will sell you cannabis without a med card, they are doing so at both your risk and theirs. Personally, as a MMMP patient myself, I want the business I rely on for growing, procuring, and/or manufacturing my medication to follow the rules, so that I’m safe and they can exist in the future and continue to meet my needs as a patient.

One of our strategic goals is to remove friction and work to eliminate barriers to access to our products and services. Toward that end, we’ve made an arrangement with the practitioners at Vetted Cannabis to offer med certifications during our business hours. Below is a summary of how it will work. Please note, that if you are a veteran and a Maine resident with a valid Maine State ID or License, Vetted Cannabis Company will provide you with a free med card, or renewal.

Qualified patients for this process: you have to be at least 21 years old and a Maine resident with a valid State ID, or Driver’s license. If you are between the ages of 18-20 you can get a med card, you just need parental consent, so we are not able to facilitate that through our service at this time. If you are interested in obtaining a med card through Vetted Cannabis Company, you can do so at their store at 1609 Main Street in Sanford as well.

How to order a med certification: we can accommodate new med cards and renewals between the hours of 12p-9p, Monday-Saturday and 12-2 on Sunday.  In order to process a med card with your order, we need a minimum of a 2-hour lead time.

1.       Go to www.sgdrx.com

2.       Fill up a shopping cart, to include the med card consultation fee

3.       Fill out the needed information, for initial med cards use the temporary code (123456789) where it asks for your Med Card ID number (renewals put your actual MMMP ID number). You must put your license/ID number in as well.

4.       Schedule your delivery date, time and address (giving us a minimum of 2 hours, and delivery must be within our service area).

5.       Checkout with an obligation to pay us when we deliver your order (we accept Apple Pay, Debit cards, cash and credit cards)

6.       We will need images of the following documents sent to 207-332-3964

a.       For initial med cards: we will need a picture of your state ID

b.      For renewals: we will need a picture of your expiring med card and ID

c.       VETERANS: For free med cards: we ask for a picture of your veteran’s ID card, or something similar in addition to the items listed under either a or b depending on your status.

7.       Once we have all the documents we need, we will provide the necessary information to the practitioners and reach out to you to facilitate a conference between you and the practitioner. If approved, your med card will be delivered to you with your order. If you aren’t approved, we will have to cancel your order altogether.  

We are constantly trying to find innovative ways to get medication in to the hands of qualified patients who can’t make it to their favorite stores, or simply prefer the convenience of a delivery. We take a professional approach to our service delivery model, and we feel that sets us apart from others. Providing med card certifications as an option on our menu is just one of many improvements on which we are currently working, so stay tuned.  


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      Feb 19, 2020

      Hello Mike, congratulations to @soylentgreens on adding yet another great service to the MMMP COMMUNITY! Once again you are at the front of the Caregiver program.

      Below is my favorite part of the article. It sums up how it should be and why I use @soylentgreens for my needs.

      “Personally, as a MMMP patient myself, I want the business I rely on for growing, procuring, and/or manufacturing my medication to follow the rules, so that I’m safe and they can exist in the future and continue to meet my needs as a patient.”

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      Feb 19, 2020


      Thanks so much for all your support! I\'m so glad we are able to meet your needs not only from a medication standpoint, but also from a human services perspective. I feel that Soylent Greens pays homage to Maine Medical Marijuana Program, as evidenced by our adherence to the rules; and I believe strongly in what we are doing in terms of the medical intent. I\'m so happy to see that it\'s working for people like you! Thanks again for all you do!


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      Jul 23, 2020

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