Corona Virus Facts and Delivery Services Update: Part Deux

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Corona Virus Facts and Delivery Services Update: Part Deux

Maine now has 17 (3/16/20 @ 4p) confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5 of which are presumptive cases awaiting test results. Governor Mills has declared a state of emergency in Maine. Businesses are closing and events are being cancelled all across the state. Governor Mills announced three steps in response to the first presumptive positive test for COVID-19 in Maine.

These steps included: 1) proclaiming an insurance emergency to improve access to care and require private health insurance plans to cover costs related to coronavirus testing; 2) suspending all non-essential out-of-state work travel by State employees; and 3) recommending, on the advice of Maine CDC, that non-essential large, indoor gatherings of 250 attendees or more be postponed in order to delay a potential coronavirus outbreak and substantially reduce its spread.

It is recommended that if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath and lower respiratory distress, you should call a medical professional and determine the next steps. It is recommended that If you have a primary care doctor, call them before going to an emergency room to try to get tested. If you don’t you can call a hospital, or quick care in the state to get some kind of medical advice.

In order to keep yourself and others safe, it is important to honor and engage in social distancing. Here’s a list of some things to AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE: group gatherings, sleepovers, playdates, concerts, theatre outings, athletic events, crowded stores and malls, gyms, home visits and mass transit.   Use caution when visiting the grocery store, getting take-out, picking up your medications, going to church and void going at all if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. If you are feeling up to it, it is safe to enjoy nature, rake your yard, hike in the woods, or mountains, read books, or find some other stimulating activity compatible with isolation.


We’ve provided a discount for avoiding the use of cash—@ 5% off your order, we are accepting ApplePay, Cashapp and Venmo. We have a debit card reader, the fee for which we will wave on all purchases. If you absolutely need to pay with cash, please put it in a baggie, or envelope before giving it to the driver—however, you wouldn’t be entitled to the discount. If you are known to have come in to contact with a presumptive, or tested positive case, please avoid placing an order until you are well again.

Also, we are willing to stop and run one errand for you on our way to your delivery, so that you can avoid going in to public if possible. We ask that you limit it to one stop, and your responsible for making sure that item is available by calling the store, or looking online.

ALL NEW PATIENTS: we will continue to serve you as long as we remain symptom free, but we ask that you work with us to minimize any risk. Once your order is placed, we will reach out and ask that you provide the following info:

1) report any symptoms, or assure us you are asymptomatic.

2) identify the means of payment you’d like to use, and send us user info, so we can request the payment from you in advance.  IF USING CASH, PUT IT IN A BAGGIE OR ENVELOPE!! NO EXCEPTIONS!

3) wait in your car for us to approach you.

4) have your ID and Med card ready when we get there and provide them through the window. 5) work with us to avoid handshakes and/or other forms of social contact.


Please remember to regularly wash your hands thoroughly and clean all high touch surfaces with an effective disinfectant using their recommended directions for use. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands. We will continue to provide updates to you as things develop. Take care of each other and be safe! Much love to you and yours.

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