Social Distancing and Cannabis Deliveries

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Social Distancing and Cannabis Deliveries

Howdy folks. I hope that everyone who’s reading this is safe, healthy and your families are well too. This is a very trying time for all of us, so my heart is going out to anyone suffering from the novel Coronavirus, love someone suffering from the virus, experiencing any loss of income or financial stability as a result of the socio-environmental changes, or an exacerbation of any mental health issues as a result of the stressors we are all not doubt experiencing by different degrees.

Personally, I’ve been going from moments of panic and anxiety to relief in regular cycles. And I don’t even want to admit how many times per day I’ve been checking my temperature. However, I know that, at the end of the day, I’m taking all of the precautions I can possibly take in order to remain safe and prevent playing a causal role in any spreading of any germs, or bacteria to any patients, or loved ones.

Let me walk you through some of the precautions we are taking. Once an order comes through, we get it ready with a fresh set of gloves—each order and each delivery stop get a fresh set of gloves. Also, we are temporarily avoiding putting any additional items that we would normally put in your exit bag (i.e., candy, coupons, etc.) for your safety. We continue to encourage people to use ApplePay, Venmo, or cashapp to complete their order. 

We believe that the changes we have made to how we are operating are helping. The CDC is saying that while avoiding touching surfaces is important, it isn’t the primary way this disease is spreading. Close personal contact is the primary means of transmission, which is why social distancing is so important. Below is one update we’d like to make to the protocol. These changes aren’t because we aren’t friendly and kind, but because we want to be able to continue to serve throughout the duration of this difficult time.  

Social Distancing Delivery Model:

1)      When we arrive either at your home, or vehicle, please remain inside your home/vehicle the entire time with the windows up. If we are showing up at your house, please indicate in the messages where you’d like the order left.

2)      If you’re a new patient, hold up your med card and ID through the window, so we can see them. Verified patients skip this step.

3)      We encourage you to use Venmo, Cashapp, or ApplePay (we will arrange the payment, once you’ve been verified), but if you need to use cash, put it in a baggie or envelope and put it in your wiper blade before we get there.

4)      For vehicle deliveries, we will either place the order on your hood and leave, once we are about 6’ away, you can get out and grab it.  Or you can pop the trunk and we can put it in there. Please indicate your preference in the messages section. Home deliveries, please indicate where the cash is if you’re using cash and where you’d like the product left in the messages section of your order.

For our safety and yours and so that we can continue to serve the MMMP community as long as possible, please adhere to this delivery model. We have more updates coming!

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