2021 Patient Promise

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2021 Patient Promise

If you’re reading this article, congratulations, you made it past 2020! For the majority of us all, last year was marked with major changes in routines, changes in financial circumstances and challenges related to our mental health. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that 2020 was a veritable dumpster fire for most of us, presenting us with unexpected and very difficult circumstances! 

Although many of our daily routines and other life circumstances have changed, Soylent Greens will continue to be here for you through it all. We will be there for our patients for the long term. Therefore, we would like to re-affirm our promise to you in the paragraphs below.  

We will continue to offer Maine’s MMMP patients, high quality, safe medications. We take pride in the fact that we source all of our products from reputable, local, Maine brands and vendors. We offer the med patient transparency when it comes to where and how we source our products. With respect to the safety of our products, the vendors with whom we work utilize state of the art practices and compliant procedures relative to cultivation, extraction, processing and wholesale. We continue to encourage our brand partners to share any lab results from product testing. 

We will continue to offer our patients discretion. We understand that this is a medical service and that your information needs to remain private. Protecting our patients’ personal information is among our top priorities here at SG, and we achieve this goal by having an advanced security certificate on our website. Our delivery vehicles are indistinguishable from any other vehicle. Our exit packaging is discreet as well.

We will continue to offer value add services. We have a different deal going each day of the week. Our patients receive loyalty points for every purchase they make on our website. Those points are released and available for use every Monday. We offer next day delivery of med cards and host med card events at Funky Bow Brewery to help Mainers save on med cards. You can come to our website and spin a wheel and attempt to win either a 5% or 10% off coupon. You can schedule a zoom consultation with one of our budtenders (@medical.mike, or @kevy.kush). We produce and publish content for med patients to read and learn about topics relevant to medical cannabis. Every order comes with a little treat too!

We will continue to improve the functionality of our online store. We are after all a tech driven company. We offer a user friendly, web-based platform for patients to easily secure their desired products, to be home delivered at their desired time!

Again, we are extremely excited for the new year. We are constantly looking at ways to innovate in the industry, provide the best quality products and promote safe use of and access to cannabis products for qualified patients!  We will continue to show up and work hard each day for you! Although times have been tough for us all, I’ve learned that we are stronger as a community! We will be here, supporting the community at large, when you need us. Thanks for being such amazing patients and supporting us along our journey!