The Benefits of Having a Med Card in a Rec State

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The Benefits of Having a Med Card in a Rec State

One of many goals we pursue at Soylent Greens is to try to get as many people as we can access to their medication of choice--cannabis. We do that by providing folks with access to med cards. We offer med cards for delivery, and we host med card nights at Funky Bow Brewing Company in Lyman. We thought we'd share some of the main benefits of having a med card in a rec state.  

#1 Having a Med Card Saves you Money!!!!!

The taxes associated with rec products are more than double what med patients pay in the state of Maine. Sales tax on medical cannabis products are often included in the price of the products, or some see a small 5.5% tax included on their receipt in Maine. If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, the savings will add up very quickly. 

#2 You can avoid the dangers of the illicit market. 

Caregivers operating under Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program are required to follow a minimum set of rules and regulations. They are required to make sure that the products they produce are safe for the consumer, and they are required to ensure that any products they obtain from other caregivers are safe for you to consume. Registered caregivers can be held to account. Illicit market growers, processers and manufacturers cannot. Also, should you be legally implicated because of cannabis, having a med card can only help you. With the issues we saw in late 2019 with illicit market THC products and vaping, safety should be of huge concern to the consumer. Having a med card allows you a greater likelihood of access to safe products.  

#3 You can grow and possess more than rec consumers! 

Medical marijuana program patients can cultivate double (6) the number of plants than a rec consumer (3) is legally allowed to grow in Maine each year! Medical patients can be in possession (at their home) of up to 8 pounds of harvested marijuana. In transit, Rec consumers can't be in possession of more than 2 1/2 ounces of harvested marijuana and can only purchase 5 grams of concentrates at any one time.  

#4 You don’t have to be 21 to obtain a med card!

With parental consent, 18 y/o adults in Maine can obtain a med card. Rec markets are only available to consumers 21 and older. 

#5 You feel like a member of an exclusive club!

Rec consumers can’t legally obtain a delivery to their home! Med patients can. Anyone who is 21+ can go in to an adult use store, but medical dispensaries and caregiver stores in Maine are only available to med patients. Plus, there are more medical dispensaries and stores than rec stores. Med patients in Maine enjoy reciprocity with other states. That is to say, that you can use your Maine Med Card in some of the states who’s med cards we accept! Your club membership extends to other states! Booyah!

At Soylent Greens, we take a great deal of pride in the fact that we aren’t just selling cannabis. We provide education, safe access, promote community safety and work tirelessly to avoid cutting corners and provide the best services and products available to Maine’s amazing med patients! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.